Civil Marriages in Turkey During Covid

Civil Marriages in Turkey During Covid

Due to covid pandemic situations in the world, almost all the countries banned weddings or closed the borders except TURKEY.

Is there any ban or restrictions on Civil Weddings in Turkey during covid

No restrictions or no ban for civil marriage.

How many days it tooks to getting marry in turkey during covid

Civil Marriages in Turkey During Covid is easier than ever with our professional services. Total Process of Civil Marriage takes only 2 workdays even under pandemic terms.

If you are thinking to have a civil marriage at abroad with legal paperwork but unable to attend a meet with your partner in your home country then Turkey will be a good meeting point.

How to Book Wedding Date During Covid

We are giving wedding planner services more than 5 years. We would love to organize your civil wedding during covid too. With our knowledge and experience we offer to book the date and time for you before you arrive to Turkey. All you need is just arrive with the docuemnts you requested to collect.

Which documents need to be collected for the wedding in Turkey during Covid

Numbers of the documents and the names of the documents need to be collec for the wedding is very changable country by country. We provide concultancy service on document collection process to our couples.

There is 2 steps on documents collection process. 1st step is the documents couple need to collect by themselves 2nd The documents will be collect here in Antalya which we will be company to the couples.

Part of the services listed below provided by us for the couples as long as they want to start process with us.

- We share the list of documents that you need to collect before we meet with you.

- We give consultancy services on the document collection process include sharing addresses where you can collect how you can manage to make each document valid for use in turkey.

- We check the validity of each of your documents as soon as you sent us scanned copies by mail or what's app (so we confirm each of your documents that you will be going to collect before we meet).

- We get appointments from the wedding hall for the chosen date from your side.

- We get appointments from medical centers and other addresses that we need to visit to finalize the apply process here in Antalya.

- We arrange all transfer of couples inside Antalya for the application process, from hotel to wedding hall, medical center, and back to the hotel.

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