Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Vendor Management Services

Finding best vendors is very important for a good wedding. If all wedding process were happening in your country it would be more easy for you to find good vendors who were giving services in your country. But for destination weddings, it is better to ask advice from professionals.

Our company gives vendor management services for couples who wants their weddings in Turkey. We have professional wedding vendors on our vendor inventory and also we have enough team member staffs to give you all-inclusive services.

But if you like another wedding vendors works who doesn't work with us we can add them on our vendor management system. Our contract managers contact with the vendors whom you like or prefer his/her services on your wedding to start bargain with them for you to get best rates from them for your wedding.

Mostly all vendors working in 2 types of price policy. They are working with clients in different price policy and they are working with companies like us in different price policy. As you can understand you are planning to done only one wedding in your all life, but we are planning to done weddings as much as we can and they always offer better prices to us.

Please note we don't share their price policy with you and we won't. We always offer a total price to you.

Our company is one of the biggest wedding planner company in Turkey. Working with us will be a guarantee for you to receive best services from whole vendors.

Before Wedding

If you able to visit Turkey and the city which your wedding will happen before your wedding date, We can arrange a meeting for you between you and vendors you choose.

It will give you great opportunity to meet with vendors before your wedding. So you will be able to meet with them and you will be able to see their works.

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