Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Turkey Wedding Organizations offer best wedding decoration services in Antalya and Mugla cities. Our designer team able to decorate your wedding in all themes. Only you have to do is sharing with us the wedding ideas on your mind. Our designers dress up weddings with all single details.

There is no altar or stage that we can't build because We work with partner architecture company to built hardest stages and altars. no matter how big stage you want we are able to build it for your wedding decorations.

We work with best-qualified designers to decorate wedding altars and flower arches. We can use each artificial or fresh flowers regarding your expectations. Colourful fabrics and satin drapes will change the whole atmosphere of your wedding ceremonies.

What kind of bridal walk path you prefer more?. We can roll a white carpet and we can pour roses leaf on it or we can roll red carpet and we can pour white roses leaf on it. We can decorate each side of carpet with long metal stands in an order with flower arrangements in them or we use Long Lanterns or glass vases with floating candles in them.

What kind of chair you like more? White tiffany or golden tiffany chairs or napoleon chairs? We can use colourful tulles as bow tie to decorate each chair and we can put fresh flowers or artificial flowers inside each bow ties. Your guests will never want to leave your wedding ceremony after they see our decorations for weddings.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Kindly tell us your favorite wedding table decorations. Would you like us to organize seating arrangements with round tables or we can use rectangle banquet tables. We can use Ivory colour chiffons as a table cloth and we can use colourful fabric curves at each corner of banquet tables. We can use satin to cover chairs or we can bow tie each of them with colourful fabrics or tulles.

Our designers able to create best flower arrangements of your favorite flowers on the centerpiece. Colorful runners. Mirror underplates. Candlesticks and long footed candelabras, Glass vases candle holders napkin bracelets colored glassware... Your wedding table will be fantastic.

What kind of cake you prefer on your wedding? We can set lovely candy bars or we can bring 5 layer decorated wedding cakes or we can use both them on your wedding day. We can use volcanos on wedding cake cutting ceremony or we can fire niagara falls at the backdrop. All we need to know your expectations.

Decorations of Wedding Venue

We work with best wedding venues and after our decorations, each of them becomes the most romantic wedding venues. We can use colourful paper lanterns, and we can set Chalkboards at venue entrance, we can set photo backdrops for you to have great wedding photos. We can fire volcanos on your entrance to venue.

Each of our clients love our price policy. Organizing a fairy tale wedding can be very cheap with our company. Did you check our wedding packages you can reach them from here.

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