Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

There is no limit for us to create best wedding entertainments for your wedding. Share with us the wedding ideas you have and we can start to work on the wedding in your dreams to turn into the reality.

Each wedding is unique for us and with our wedding entertainments options scale you will be able to live unique entertainment experiences with wedding planner services of our company.

Did you check our wedding entertainment ideas? Have a look at the list below and contact us to add your favorites entertainments to your weddings.

List of Wedding Entertainments services that our wedding planner company can provide on your wedding

  1. DJ for favorite songs: We work with local famous DJs and your wedding dance floor will be full for all night
  2. Special bands for your wedding: Send us your favorite song list and we ca search best band options to play on your wedding day.
  3. Special dance Groups for your wedding: We can arrange special dance groups for your weddings. Tell us what kind of dance show you would like to see on your wedding? We can bring Belly dancers, Mezdeke dance team, Local Folkloric dance team or latin dance teams.
  4. Fireworks, Volcanos, Niagara waterfalls: Professional staffs able to set best fireworks for your wedding. Just tell us the wedding ideas you have in your mind and we can work on what we can do for best fireworks shows.
  5. We can set a Photobooth for all guests to enjoy: We can bring photo bus, mirror booth or wall booth to for you and for your guests. All guests will enjoy having photo booth pictures. And they will be able to share on social media immediately.
  6. Special Bride and Groom photo board: We can set a special bride and groom photo board or protoboard in your mind. all guests can able to enjoy.
  7. Street sellers for local tastes: We will bring street sellers to your wedding day for your and for your guests to enjoy famous tastes of Turkey. Famous Maras ice Cream, Sharbat and cotton candy sticks.
  8. A special Street Store full with costumes: We can set a special street store full with costumes and accessories guest can try anything from there. dance floor on your wedding and photos of your big day will be unforgettable.
  9. Wedding Pinata for Bride: Not any bride too old for pinatas. We are able to set a wedding pinata full with candies and chocolates.
  10. Cornhole Games: We can set a cornhole games area and all guests can able to join play at the and special gifts will be given for winners.
  11. A Professional Magician: We can bring professional magician to perform a great show for your wedding guests.
  12. Tarot card readers or Palm readers to tell fortunes: All guests will enjoy hearing their fortunes on your wedding day and after your wedding, your guests will continue to talk about your wedding day.
  13. No one is too old for caricatures: We can bring a caricature artist to give services during your wedding night for guests.
  14. Happy hours for kids: We are able to set a kids cave to make happy all guests. Professional babysitters will take care of all kids while you are able to join your big day.
  15. Face painter for kids or adults: This is your bid day and all guests must have fun.
  16. After Dinner, a coffee bar will be a nice place to visit: Special baristas will able to prepare popular coffees for your guests.
  17. We can create a cozy area by white seats: We can set a cozy area a little away from the dance floor for your guests to enjoy conversation. Waiters will continue to serve and we can also bring soft jazz bands or live musicians for cozy corners.
  18. Special pick me up cocktails: Waiters able to deliver special pick me up cocktails for guests.
  19. Special candy bars: We can set lovely candy bars for all guests full with tastefully chocolates, candies, cakes, and muffins.
  20. Wish bottle: We set a special and we put a wish bottle on it with papers and colourful ribbons. All guests able to write their wishes for this new married couple on papers and tie them with colourful ribbons to put inside wish bottle. This will be a nice gift for couples to open for their first anniversary.
  21. Foam parties: We are able to set best foam parties with professionals team staffs.
  22. Entertainment will continue with the after party: We can arrange best discos for you and for your guests and you will be able to join after party with your guests to continue to have fun.

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