Ganiyat Bola & Alekos Scognamiglio

My Husband and i contacted around August 2016 when we decided to get married. It wasn't a very easy step for i am a Nigerian living in Istanbul, Turkey and he is an Itallian. A lot of paperwork involued and Turkey Wedding Organizations put us through to all procedure till we get married in Dec. 2016 It was a particular situation as we are both from different countries but it was all wonderfull at the end.

Nice people, Nice city and we couldnt have asked for a better marriage planner.

Thank You Turkey Wedding Organizations.

Ganiyat Scognamiglio

Signy & Erlend Williams

After we decided to gert marry in Turkey with Signy i connected with Turkey Wedding Organizations. All of our hotel booking process were have been done before we contact with Turkey Wedding Organizations. We ask their help to organize a Symbolic Marriage at beach at Alanya, Antalya, Turkey.

They send us an offer us a nice wedding package included Wedding Ceremony at beach and Wedding Dinner Reception at a Hotel's A la Carte next to great view of Alanya Castle. Everything happened in order as we have planned with them before.

Thank You Turkey Wedding Organizations team. We are happy to work with your company.

Erlend Williems

Farahnaz & Behreouz Emad

Me and Behreouz have connected with a hotel in Antalya for our marriage. We arranged everything from Hotel except our civil marriage. Hotel management told us thet they can't help for civil marriage legalization process. It was an unpleased surprise for us.

That moment we reached Turkey Wedding Organizations. Time were too short there was only 2 mounth for our wedding date at July 2016.

When we contact with Turkey Wedding Organizations and lucky for us they managed all process and they birng wedding officer to our ceremony venue at our wedding date. They are correct adress for civil marriage.

Farahnaz Emad

Jihad Grießmann & Kerstin Meyer

Our conclusion for Turkey Wedding Organization

The first contact to the "Turkey Wedding Organizations" was standing at the airport via Whatsapp, because that was the easiest and best way. One has presented each other and set an appointment for the first meeting in the hotel.

In the first meeting at the hotel all were discussed important again. Color and appearance of the bridal bouquet, music title, when the hairdresser comes, time of the wedding ceremony and much more.

Approximately 3 days before the wedding, we went with our contact for the local registry office, all documents have issued the necessary regulatory programs carried out (what can you just say loving nice people, had tea and lots of sweet pastries).

On the day of the wedding, of course, it started in the morning, the stylists and the photographer came to the hotel. Hair was styled and the photographer captured everything beautifully.

We decided to take our wedding pictures first and then get married in the evening. So after the whole styling we went to the different locations. We had reached 40 degrees in our "great" day and the makeup has kept perfect, are before the wedding but once again went to the hair salon and have once again leave everything brush. All I can say is that my stylist was great and did a great job. Even ourwedding planner has really done everything to make us all happy. He was there for us at all times, providing drink and food.

During that everything was prepared in the hotel (construction of the beach on the beach). When we were back at 18:30 o'clock was short break for recreation, around 19:00 clock finally took place the most beautiful part of the whole day, the wedding ceremony on the hotel's own beach.

Beautiful altar, decorated perfectly and accompanied with a violin player. The ceremony was conducted by a Turkish registrar and thentranslated by our wedding planner in English.

It was fantastic and indescribably beautiful, so we immediately said, in 10 years we get married so again .

We recommend every couple that wants to give the YES word in Turkey. We could not have a better organizer / wedding planner and would keep doing it.

The "Turkey Wedding Organizations" has fulfilled us, our dream, everything super organized and planned and for that we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Top work, top team, top staff and great respect from us for the top performance that day.

Love Turkey Wedding organization, please keep it up and you will unite happy more people.

Kerstin Meyer Grießmann & Jihad Grießmann

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