What do you say about marrying with a marvelous wedding at Turkey's Golf Center Belek, home of Turkey's and the world's most popular hotels?

Our team is partnering with world famous hotels in Belek to make you and your loved ones experience an unforgettable wedding in your wedding reception at Belek where the most delicious tastes of the world cuisine will decorate your wedding menus.

Hotels in Belek offer you different wedding venues with huge ballrooms that can host large weddings, suitable gardens, and blue-flag fine sand beaches.

Hosted the 2015 G20 summit meeting Turkey welcomed world leaders in Belek. What would you say about staying in a hotel where your country leader stayed while representing your country, and having both your wedding and your holiday together with your loved ones?

Get ready for a unique wedding experience in Belek, the center of elegance and classy. Even the most simply decorate A la Carte restaurants will fascinate you.

Our company which offers wedding planning service in Belek is ready to perform the most romantic and most memorable weddings for the couples.

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