If you love countryside weddings and dreaming of a wedding where celebrate together with your loved ones in the heart of nature, Antalya Olimpos, Cirali is one of the most suitable places to realize the wedding in your dreams.

Olimpos, Cirali is a small paradise hidden in the forest, set on the shores of the Taurus mountains, on the seaside. This agricultural village is one of the most popular tourist regions for teens of Turkey. Olimpos, Cirali promises a holiday in the heart of nature with affordable accommodation options.

We prepare the most romantic country weddings for couples wanting to marry in this region which dominates every ton of green and blue. We are a wedding planning company that offers couples who want to married at Olimpos, Cirali complete services to listen to wedding ideas and make them real.

You will have excellent wedding photos on the perfect Olimpos and Cirali coast in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Unfortunately, we can not use the Cirali beaches for wedding ceremonies because it is the natural nest of sea turtles. But the gardens of Boutique Hotels are very suitable for romantic open-air weddings with their unique beauty scenes.

We will bring hairdresser to prepare the bride with most popular hairstyles with flower crown to the hotel. A makeup artist will be a teammate of a hairdresser and will prepare the bride for this big day. The groups that will sing your favorite wedding songs will make your country wedding unforgettable. The pleasure of cutting your wedding cake outdoors in the presence of your favorite music will be inexcusable.

Getting married in Cirali is a privilege for nature lovers.

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