For couples who are interested in a wedding on the beach, Kundu - Lara Region will be one of the most suitable options in Antalya. The word "Lara" means "Sand" in the old Luvian language. When you visit Kundu - Lara region you will understand why did they give this name to this region. This region with the longest sandy beach of Turkey will fascinate you with its sandy beach.

Lara and Kundu region is one of an ideal location in Antalya for organizing unique beach weddings with Beach Resort Hotels and private beaches. The hotels in Kundu and Lara, which are all inclusive concepts with a distinctive architectural beauty, have seaside weddings as well as alternative wedding venues.

The parts of the Lara area which is in the city center are the most popular places in Antalya with shopping centers where you can reach every famous brand. This area is also home to the famous rocky cliffs of Antalya. Families on the rocky cliffs offer the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean and Taurus mountains. This area is the perfect spot for outdoor poolside weddings.

The 7-star and 5-star and 4-star hotel options are one of the ideal wedding venues for couples in the Kundu-Lara region, a region where you can experience the pleasures of holiday and wedding with every budget.

The services of our wedding planning company are ready to make your dream weddings come true in Kundu - Lara region.

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