It is a privilege for every couple to make a wedding in Tekirova where is the meeting point of every tone of green and every tone of the blue. This is a unique wedding place that hosts all the beauties of the ancient Lycian way, where green forests join the sea.

With its own architecture of Tekirova Hotels will fascinate you with its wedding venues. You can have a perfect seaside wedding on the private beaches of world famous hotels and give your wedding reception in a la Carte restaurant, which has a bird's-eye view of Tekirova. In this secret paradise, marrying an outdoor wedding is the kind of a wedding that every couple will dream of. The wedding venues in Tekirova are very convenient to realize the wedding of every couple in their dreams.

Antalya's most beautiful coves and bays are located in this region. The options will be enchanting couples who want to make a wedding in the cove, where transportation can only be from the sea and no one can reach by walk or by car.

For couples wanting to get married in Tekirova, we offer a wedding package for every budget. We are able to present our all-inclusive wedding planning services to you in an ultra-luxury hotel or at a 5-star resort.

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